234 Atlantis Yard

Dovercourt Recreation Association
411 Dovercourt Ave,
Ottawa, ON
K2A 0S9

Delivery Instructions:
-On NCC land adjacent to 234 Atlantis K2A 1X9, Ottawa Ontario
– 45°23’48.3″N 75°45’35.9″W
– https://goo.gl/maps/pfjT3CVFov12 (approximate area)

– There is currently an existing container painted in green and the new ATS container is to be landed directly beside leaving only a 1-2 foot gap
– Doors of new container to be facing opposite to existing green container
– Offset, staggered position or overlap of 6-8’ from existing green container must be applied.
– Drive into site via Ottawa River parkway. Distance between concrete barriers is 11’ 3” (please see attached pictures).
– Will require key access that I will provide.
– I will have a crew of guys waiting to greet the driver and assist landing the container in the correct micro site and providing a proper base for the container to sit on.

Dave Adams
SJAM Winter Trail Manager and Head Groomer


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2016-11-04-09-45-08  2016-11-04-09-44-26



Maple Lumber


And here are the big pieces. We would like to sell all these slices together so that they can be bookmatched together. In other words, you take one piece and match it up with the adjacent piece and in the end, it looks like one single chunk. When it comes from the same tree, all the grains match up.

IMG_0080 IMG_0081





The next two pics show the slabs for table legs or something short.


IMG_0079 IMG_0078